Ask us about custom platters and grazing style set up for your events.
If you don’t see what you would like on menu below, please talk to us about what we can do to make your event that little bit special.
Some Dietary items may attract an extra cost for specialty ingredients.


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Damper with mountain pepper

Large homemade traditional damper spiced with mountain pepper and served...


Native Lemon Myrtle Scones

Native Lemon Myrtle Scones – Served with Rosella and Berry...


Traditional Scones

Traditional scones Rosella and Berry Bush Jam & Chantilly Cream...


Egg & Bacon Slider

Egg & Bacon Slider with Bush Tomato Relish $8 each....


Ham & Cheese Croissant

Ham & Cheese Croissant – or talk to us about...


Smoked Salmon Mini Bagel

Smoked Salmon Mini Bagel with Herby, Zesty Cream Cheese $8.50...


Vegan Chia Coconut Yogurt Pot

Vegan Chia Coconut Yogurt Pot with Rosellas Compote, Macadamia and...


Sausage Roll

Traditional Sausage Rolls with an indigenous twist, Spiced with Native...


Beetroot & Native Rosella Tart

Beetroot & Native Rosella Tart Sheep’s Curd, Candy Spiced Walnut...


Pumpkin & Feta Tart

Pumpkin & Feta Tart Whipped Lemon Myrtle & Goats Cheese...


Quiche of the Day

Quiche of the Day - variety of Vegetarian and Non-Veg...


Savoury Scrolls

Variety of traditional and Native flavoured options $4 each with...


Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs

Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs Native Pepper Berry Aioli $6 each...


Rice Paper Rolls

Rice Paper Rolls Rice Noodles, Asian and Native Coastal Greens...


Nori Rolls

Nori Rolls Vegetarian, Teriyaki Chicken, Vegan $4.00 each with a...


Sliders Burgers

Sliders Burgers – Kangaroo Fillet & Bush Tomato Relish, Native...



Slice’s – Gluten Free & Vegan options available on request...



Cakes– A variety of flavours -Gluten Free & Vegan options...



Tarts– variety of fillings chocolate, salted caramel, cream patisserie with...


Bush Tucker Bowl

Bush Tucker Bowl – Mixed Grains, Wattle Seed, Native Coastal Greens,...


Burrito Bowl

Vegetarian Burrito Bowl – Wild Rice, Black Eyed Beans, Corn...


Sushi Bowl

Sushi Bowl – Nori Sticky Rice, Edamame, Pickled Cabbage, Coastal...


Large Tortilla Wrap

Large Tortilla Wrap Full of Fresh Salad and Green Leaves...


Mini baguettes wrap

Mini Baguettes Wrap –  Full of Fresh Salad and Green...


Shared variety of Seasonal Salads

Variety of Seasonal Salads – Ever changing salads with the...


Shared Seasonal Fruit Platter

Shared Seasonal Fruit Platter – Variety of seasonal fruits Medium: $28...


Cheese Plates

Cheese Plates – Variety of soft and hard local cheeses,...


Environmentally friendly cutlery, plates and napkins

All catering boxes and containers are disposable and bio-degradable. Environmentally...



• Prices in this menu do not include GST.
• Each menu item has a minimum order per unit. Total minimum order is $150.
• A deposit of 35% must be paid at least 5 business days before the order is scheduled for pickup or delivery.
• All catering boxes, napkins, cutlery and food containers are bio-degradable.
• Discounts can be negotiated for large orders of individual items.
• Orders placed within 5 business days will incur a late booking fee of 10% (minimum).
• Cancellations within three business days of the scheduled pick up/delivery date will lose their 35% deposit.

* See the full list of Catering Terms and Conditions for further information here