Please review our terms and conditions and let us know if you have any questions.

  • Prices of menu items do not include GST.

  • Each menu item has a minimum order per unit eg. 12 scones.

  • Quotes will be issued within 3 business days of a booking and will be valid for 5 business days.

  • Total minimum order for customer pick-up is $150. A minimum order of $300 is required if catering is to be delivered.

  • We cannot hold dates for unconfirmed bookings.

  • To confirm a booking please accept the quote via the on-line booking system.

  • Bookings must be confirmed at least 5 business days before the scheduled pickup/ delivery date, including the final quantity of each menu item and dietary requirements.

  • Orders placed within 5 business days of booking will incur a late booking fee of 10% (minimum).

  • In the event of a late booking, it may be necessary to adjust the order if Indigenous ingredients are not available within this timeframe.

  • All catering boxes and containers are disposable and biodegradable. Environmentally friendly cutlery, plates and napkins can be supplied for a fee. *$1pp


  • An invoice will be issued once a booking is confirmed.
  • A deposit of 35% must be paid at least 5 business days before the order is scheduled for pickup/delivery.
  • Payment can be made via ETF or by credit card.
  • Credit card payments will be charged a standard merchant fee.

Changes and cancellations

  • If your requirements change we will review our quote and adjust it accordingly.
  • Changes to orders cannot be made within 48 hours prior to the scheduled pickup/delivery date.
  • Cancellations within 3 business days of the pickup/delivery date will incur a fee of 35% ie. will lose their deposit.

Indigenous ingredients and dietary requirements

  • Every effort will be made to source the Indigenous ingredients specified in the menu items. Customers should be aware that in some instances supply chains for specific ingredients may be unreliable. It this occurs customers with confirmed bookings will be notified to discuss alternative menu options.
  • Customers must advise their specific dietary requirements and the quantity required for each of these menu items once a booking is confirmed.
  • We cannot guarantee that 100% of the ingredients used to make menu items are totally free of nuts, nut derivatives or other substances that may cause a serious allergic reaction for some people. We advise customers who are concerned about severe allergies, to discuss alternative menu options with us when booking.

Delivery fees

  • Customers are strongly encouraged to pick up catering orders.

  • In some circumstances we may be able to arrange delivery for an additional charge.

  • The delivery fee within 3kms is $20. The delivery charge beyond 3kms depends on the location.

  • Where delivery is provided, products will be transported in a refrigerated catering van, adhering to industry standards.